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"Best wel een beetje" is specialized in doing:

  • audio editing, montage, mixing for web (netcast, podcast), radio, TV and film

  • audio restoration, conversion and denoising, dehumming, decrackling jobs for old media

  • converting, recovering, locating and archiving Audio-, Video- and Photo-files from old or broken devices (computers, laptops, smartphones) - for example in case of deceased/migrated family-members and such

  • providing meteorological and airquality data for the Broekermeer-polder micro-climate in Waterland (North of Amsterdam)

  • research on biodiversity in Dutch nature, kleinschalige biologische landbouw; mushroom, funghi and rare plant cultivation, permaculture and similar related agricultural activities

  • IT-security; i.e. server-maintenance, systems administration, digital forensics, securing networks, hosting and reliable data-backup realisations

  • Need a reliable approachable privacy-aware e-mail account under your own domain name? The systems I'm one of the admins of have some storage space left for a few extra users. For a low yearly price I can offer you, your company or family personalized email without snooping capital, without eaves-dropping players, big anonymous ISPs or politically motivated bans or agendas. There are no "no-reply" addresses or AI-chat-bots; when you have support-questions I or a friend/family-member will answer them in person. Because these are small-scale systems I can offer you Squirrelmail, Roundcube or Rainloop webmail served from fast RAM-disks, next to your own mail-client of choice, and the anti-spam options are transparent to you and can be switched off entirely if you so wish. I've been running my own mail-servers ever since the 1990s, so you can be sure of me caring about it being up and running as the old-school crucial communication system it still is.

  • Photography: Purchase Prints: Wish to decorate your home or office with my images? Prints are available in various sizes and materials upon request! Message me and I’ll work to get you exactly what you want. Shipping available throughout Europe... Licensing Photos: Would you like to use my images on your website or for other commercial use? Contact me with the details and I’ll be happy to work with you! Collaborate: Looking to collaborate and promote your own products? In search of a new partner to get out and shoot with? I look forward to hearing from you!

To contact me use any of my first names you know @ the current domain-name to email me;